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Fraktur Art

Fraktur is a highly artistic and elaborate illuminated folk art that flourished in the immigrant German communities of the United States from about 1740 to 1860. The word Fraktur translates literally from German to English as "fractured letter", but today the term includes not only appearance of the Gothic style tle lettering used in the inscriptions found on many of the pieces, but also the calligraphy and accompanying decorations of the illuminated manuscripts that were crafted by the artisans in the closed devotional communities of 18th-19th C. German culture.

Common artistic motifs in Fraktur include birds, hearts and tulips.

Adele Lynham offers a series of original watercolors and inks on hand stained paper.

She also offers a broad selection of notecards that can be purchased individually, framed, or boxed in sets of 8.

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